Person-Centered Care​


I was struggling with my college classes.  I reached out to Dr. Coleman who assisted me in recognizing the pressure I was under after my grandmother had died. It took awhile but I learned to accept that loss and got back on track with school.

​                                                                    C. D.

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I experienced a personal crisis that began affecting my job performance. OptimLives under Dr. Coleman's outstanding leadership demonstrated compassionate care and gave me invaluable insights.  I was able to process through that difficult time and to this day I still use skills I gained to guide me even now. 

                                                                M. B.

One of the best bits of advice I was taught from Dr. Coleman was "to get out of your [my]  own way!"  When I really learned that lesson all kinds of doors began opening for me.

​                                                  D. M.       

Quality Decisions for QualityLiving

OptimLives, training has taught me how to exercise self-care. Before I frequently over-extended myself and became burned out. Now I've learned how to be present with and for my clients. I still can't fix clients or their problems, but I've learned how to listen better.

​                                                   A. L.