​OptimLives consultants provides leaders strategic solutions that maximizes organizational performance, increases morale and improves profitability. Our emphasis on the significance of humanity, civility and competency fosters best practices that yield powerful, affordable sustainable results that add to your bottom line – success. OptimLives applies concierge expertise by attending to details and anticipating considerations unique to our clientele.  Our aim is giving a thoroughly satisfactory professional experience that exceeds expectations.

Consultants and Professional Concierge

Coaching and  Counseling

Person-Centered Care​


Mentoring and Training

Mentors are positioned to share knowledge, wisdom and expertise. OptimLives mentors take great pride in preparing emerging talent to become critical thinkers and to properly  master their crafts.   Training teaches skills that enhance capabilities to maximized competencies.  OptimLives trainers aid trainees to specialize in developing aptitude for essential vocational, academic, psycho-social or task specific endeavors. Let OptimLives mentors and trainers use synergy to take your visions from wishful thinking stages into  thriving fully functioning optimal, realized potential. 

OptimLives person-centered, positive regard counselors offer strength based solution focused care.  Our counseling professionals work collaboratively with clients to develop attainable goals. Our coaching team offers life affirming guidance whether the matters are personal, family, work or community related. Trusting, competent, confidential, empathetic and affordable professional relationships are OptimLives hallmarks.  Let OptimLives coaches or counselors share insights that promote mental clarity, reduce stress and fosters an overall sense of well being.


 Accountability; Ethical Leadership; Workplace & Personal Development; Safety & Security

Quality Decisions for QualityLiving