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OptimLives History

OptimLives, Inc. is the brainchild of Dr. D.K Coleman.  Dr. Coleman has a long history of helping people to help themselves.  Dr. Coleman's adult son “David” has autism spectrum disorder and serious mental illness.  Her family like many others has struggled trying to find quality, affordable resources and services in their community without much success.  What David wants most is a job, good friends and opportunities to belong meaningfully in community.  But these simple goals have been elusive for him.  He like so many others with intellectual or developmental disabilities become loners after leaving high school.  This is problematic because social isolation is one of the biggest challenges for vulnerable people due to stigma, bias, and prejudices. Dr. Coleman founded OptimLives as a way to help people like David transition into community and acquire essential skills to work, play and belong. OptimLives is a synthesis of two words, optimal and lives. The essence of OptimLives is that we can optimize our thinking, living and can be positive influences on the world around us. OptimLives aims to equip and empower people regardless of diagnoses for living fully. 

As a therapist, hospital and community chaplain Dr. Coleman know's that David and other vulnerable people need real and sustainable assistance that offers them hope.  They really need competent, compassionate, person-centered care that instills in them a sense of pride and purpose. 

Like David, at various seasons in our lives, we all become physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or financially spent.  Who do we turn to in our times of need? Dr. Coleman believes that therapy can be valuable but some might feel it isn’t for them and won't even try it.  Nevertheless, everyone needs someone to talk to and vent with. Dr. Coleman believes that our OptimLives team can be your sounding board. Whether on line or in person the OptimLives aim is to provide a competent, confidential place to share your story and get the guidance you've longed for but seemingly couldn't find. 

In parenting David, Dr. Coleman learned first-hand how some helping professionals can appear indifferent and cold. She earned a M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy with two specializations  1. Sex Therapy and 2. Counseling. Dr. Coleman's Ed. D. is in Pastoral Community Counseling. She  knows what caregivers of special needs and vulnerable populations want and need, because she has been with David every step of his difficult journey for resiliency. Along that journey, Dr. Coleman has gained many insights that she hopes to share with others to lessen their frustrations while simultaneously giving hope.  School trained Dr. Coleman in academics, ethics, religious principles and psychology. But school couldn’t teach her compassionate bed-side manners, how to listen to what was being said, not said or how to be genuine, person-centered or empathetic. These traits are essential parts of who Dr. Coleman is. These are the values on which she stands and OptimLives was built. The invaluable lessons she has learned over the years has become the OptimLives Approach.

The OptimLives Approach addresses mind, body and spirit concerns that may impede overall wellness, impair judgment or compromise ones vocational security. OptimLives aids those seeking to live balanced lives to attain mental clarity. This fosters the ability to make better, more informed decisions.  In this process people are positioned to let go of maladaptive distractions that  robs them of  their peace. Often these types of disruptions contribute to the emotional toxins of stress or anxiety that contaminate our lives. 

OptimLives started out as a way for one mother to help her son with autism spectrum disorder to meaningfully belong in community. OptimLives is the synthesis of the words optimal and lives. The goal initially was to provide competent, affordable care to young adults with disabilities. In the years since OptimLives was founded, service areas have expanded to include but is not limited to: military/veteran families; adolescents Pre K - 12; transitional/returning citizens; seniors; Interfaith Houses of Worship; etc.

I as OptimLives founder, believes that everyone has value. I also believe that some how our paths cross to connect the dots of our encounters one with another for making each of our journeys a bit better for the whole of humanities benefit. But this thinking requires each of us to move beyond preconceived notions into a realm where life is so much more than what its been made out to be. I believe our task is to get out of our comfort zones and be all that we were purposed to be. 

How do we become all we were meant to be when so many seem deeply rooted and vested in consumerism? How do we use our knowledge, gifts and talents  to make a difference in the lives of others? The OptimLives vision of what’s next is to create opportunities where we who believe in being well and doing well can contribute to individual and collective health, welfare, wisdom and progress of others. We have the power to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.  Let us start with the one we see in the mirror - ourselves. Let OptimLives help you to be your best in mind, body and spirit. Then let all that you wellness you discover within yourself pollinate and resonate in others. Today OptimLives is local and growing nationally, but we are slated for making a global impact! Won't you join us?

Be well,

Dr. D.K. Coleman