I often feel anxious throughout the day and can't sleep for more than a few hours at night even with sleep medications, what's the deal with that?

Anxiety affects everyone from time to time. The first thing I would recommend is to get a full physical from your primary care physician.  This can let you know if there are issues you need to address and can possibly rule out physical concerns you may have.  Next evaluate your life. What's going on with you that might be making you feel anxious? Has something or someone been added or taken away from your normal routine? Are there life changes such as starting a new job, moving, a new baby these are different examples of anxiety.  Is your diet or sleep habits adversely affecting you?


  • Identify problem areas;
  • Write down your symptoms, how, when, where and the duration of your anxiety;
  • What is different, new or anticipated in your life?;
  • Has someone or something disappointed, upset or made you frustrated?;
  • Could caffeine, exercising too closely to bedtime or other stimulants adversely affect  your sleep patterns?;
  • Do you work, study, travel or have leisure activities in odd or shift hours?;
  • Are you or a loved one undergoing a personal crisis or grief that has you worried?;
  • Try holistic approaches green tea, a warm bubble bath,  soothing music, quiet/calm time, aromatherapy, disengaging from t.v., phones, computers, intentional resting;
  • Visit your primary care doctor for this specific issue and get a full physical.

Once you've taken these steps, look for signs that might indicate you are depressed, overwhelmed, disoriented, have difficulty with memory, cannot perform routine tasks, etc. These symptoms may be indications that you have sleep deprivation. This is a dangerous condition that can compromise ones thinking or behavior. Going without sleep for days can be potentially lethal. If any of these symptoms occur immediately to the nearest hospital and tell them exactly what you've experienced. ​I hope this helps you, write back and tell me your progress. 

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