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OptimLives is a 501 (C) 3 Nonprofit Corporation comprised of professionals and community minded people whose aim is multidimensional  enhancement of the mind, body and spirit. We are leaders, community advocates,  and change agents. We are professional concierges, consultants, coaches, counselors, mentors, peers, vocational, academic and wellness trainers.

In addition to professional business and personal enhancement services we are proud to offer spiritual care to our clients.  Dr. D.K. Coleman the OptimLives founder and Executive Director is a certified Chaplain.  She earned well over 1600 hours of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) over a two year period in a large metropolitan hospital system.   

Dr. Coleman's belief is that interfaith chaplaincy and pastoral care counseling when done properly without judgment or condemnation attends to the needs of those for

whom spirituality is important.  OptimLives  provides spiritual wellness to anyone regardless of religious background or spiritual leanings.  

We recognize that the world is full of people who often go about their daily lives with no-one to really hear them. The feelings of being invisible, unheard, or disconnected can happen to anyone at any time. When you need to be heard OptimLives is available to listen. OptimLives specializes in the personal, private matters that concerns you with discretion, confidentiality and privacy.

The OptimLives Approach is to be available for you - without judgment. The OptimLives Approach offers person-centered, competent and caring concern. We foster hope that can lead to healing by offering the Gift of Presence for transformation and life-long personal development.  

Transformation is a process predicated on a desire to personally change ones own mind or attitude about events.  A changed and renewed mind does not change realities but can change individual perceptions about situations. Transformation has potential for ushering in peace, balance and ultimately the ability to make a difference in your own life and perhaps the lives of others.  By working with the OptimLives team, you give yourself a chance at having enriching, value added experiences. The OptimLives Approach is committed to attentive care that far exceeds your expectations. OptimLives aim is providing high-quality services with  superior customer satisfaction.

Whether you are seeking personal, relational, work or community services, OptimLives has a variety of options to choose from.  Feel free to contact us so that we may customize our services to meet you at your point of need.

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Best regards,

Dr. D.K. Coleman, Ed. D., J.D., M.F.T.


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